Send in some stuff, I wanna post some things today :D

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The Walking Dead is on tonight!!!!!!! <you can delete this if you want>

I will be reblogging stuff now too. Not only posts. Just so that you know this blog is active. So if you want me to follow you because you post zombie stuff, then message me :)

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Welcome the blog back guys!!! Thanks to :D Oh and Happy Halloween by the way! <3


What do you guys think of it so far??

I really wanna start posting here again but my computer broke a long time ago so I kinda dont have anything to make the pictures and stuff with…

Sorry :/ 

If you like know of any apps or anything then let me know, cause then Ill make some stuff again. 

Free apps, not like paid ones. I am brokeeeeeeeeeee. lol

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i hate not being able to use photoshop. photofiltre just doesnt look the same. oh well, i use what i can :) 
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